Paint Color Is Right For Living

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Paint Color Is Right For Living

Observe compatibility of your room wall color, especially the living room with the other interior elements. If the feeling is not synchronized, it's good to start thinking to change the atmosphere of our space by changing the color of the room to use the wall paint.

Changing the color of the walls is a good solution and fast, to get a new atmosphere to the room. In general, residents want his favorite color on the wall, but without thinking, direct purchase and painting. As a result, sometimes the atmosphere of the room was not achieved in line with expectations.
Selection of the wrong paint color or origin according to taste can cause atmosphere is not expected to be created. Space can be seen more narrow, crowded, or even gloomy. So that negative effects to change the color space that does not happen, do the initial planning and prepare carefully. Although few, in this case to change the wall paint can be fatal if we miscast.
The early stages of doing the observation of the needs and scale of space. Our room functioned as what it will be. If necessary, make a sketch shaped perspective drawing room. Create a small simulation, if the wall space covered with certain colors.
Pair with the colors of the furniture that has been available in the room. Find the most appropriate combination. Better yet, if using 3D, the result will be more pronounced. But even then if you can use a 3D program.
Paint color can affect a person's mood, then it is advisable to recognize the character color to be selected and adjusted to the room of your home.
For example, white is suitable for narrow spaces, because white has a psychological effect neutral. White color tends to give the impression of a clean and wide. Similarly, the other plain paint colors. Besides not seem crowded, nuance is also beautiful.
You can combine lighter colors on one wall. You can also give accentuate the room, namely by presenting a striking color.
Beware of accents, because its presence only a small part to beautify the room. And it would be cool if there is sufficient natural light into the room so that the space becomes cooler and life. Variety of colors can look more natural when exposed to natural light beam.
But be careful blending of colors. The best way is use a color scheme
(Colour Scheme). You can mix the colors matching, or if you want to use contrasting colors, choose the appropriate color contrast. This selection can be done by observing the color scheme in the Color Wheel.
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